Tesla Top 10 Must-Have Accessories

Tesla Top 10 Must-Have Accessories

As CNN titled, 'Tesla just announced a $1,900 kids ATV, and it’s already sold out,' you might also find it essential to have some accessories for your real Tesla cars.

Owning a Tesla is a unique experience, and part of the fun is personalizing your electric ride to match your lifestyle. From convenience to aesthetics and everything in between, Tesla offers a range of accessories designed to enhance your driving experience. We'll explore the top 10 must-have Tesla car accessories and the reasons they're worth the investment.

1. All-Weather Floor Mats: Protect Your Interior

Reason: Designed to withstand harsh weather, these mats protect your Tesla's interior from dirt, snow, or spills.

Much better than the original ones come with the car.

Get it Now 👉 https://teslayard.com/products/model-3-2019-2023-all-weather-interior-floor-mats-3-pcs

Get it Now 👉 https://teslayard.com/products/model-y-2019-2023-all-weather-interior-floor-mats-3-pcs


2. Frunk and Trunk Mats Set: Protect Your Frunk and Truck

Reason: These mats is to protect the frunk and trunk areas of your Tesla. Keep the car clean and easy cleanup.

Get it Now 👉 https://teslayard.com/products/model-3-2020-2023-frunk-trunk-mats-set-3-pcs

Get it Now 👉 https://teslayard.com/products/model-y-2019-2023-frunk-trunk-mats-set-3-pcs


3. Center Console Organizer: Neat and Organized

Reason: Keep your essentials at your fingertips with a well- organized center console. No more digging around for items.

Get it Now 👉 https://teslayard.com/products/model-3-y-2021-2023-centre-console-organizer


4. Tempered Glass Screen Protector: Safeguard the Heart of Your Tesla

Reason: Protect your touchscreen from scratches and smudges while maintaining crystal-clear visibility.

Get it Now 👉 https://teslayard.com/products/model-3-y-touch-screen-protector


5. Armrest Storage Organizer: Neat and Organized

Reason: Maximized Space, Improved Organization and Easy Access.

Get it Now 👉 https://teslayard.com/products/model-3-y-armrest-storage-organizer


6. Frunk Storage Cooler Bag: Increases the functionality

Reason: The Frunk Storage Cooler Bag increases the functionality of your frunk space.

Temperature Control and Space Optimization.

Get it Now 👉 https://teslayard.com/products/model-3-frunk-storage-portable-cooler-bag-2-pcs

Get it Now 👉 https://teslayard.com/products/model-y-frunk-storage-portable-cooler-bag-2-pcs


7. Magnetic Phone Mount: Hands-Free Operation

Reason: A magnetic phone mount offers a secure and stable platform for your smartphone.

By mounting your phone on a magnetic mount, you can use your phone's features, such as navigation, music, or hands-free calling, without having to hold the device.

Get it Now 👉 https://teslayard.com/products/model-s-3-x-y-foldable-magnetic-phone-mount


8. Interior Camera Cover: Enhanced Privacy and Comfort

Reason: Some Tesla owners have privacy concerns related to the interior camera. They may not want the camera recording their activities inside the vehicle, especially when parked or when using features like Sentry Mode. A camera cover offers a way to maintain privacy by preventing the camera from recording.

Get it Now 👉 https://teslayard.com/products/model-s-3-x-y-interior-camera-cover-1-pc


9. Cabin Air Freshener: Odor Elimination

Reason: An air freshener can help eliminate unwanted odors inside your car, such as those caused by food, pets, smoke, or other sources. It leaves your cabin smelling fresh and pleasant.

Get it Now 👉 https://teslayard.com/products/model-s-3-x-y-car-fragrance-air-freshenerone-refill-refills


10. Cup Holder: Beverage Stability

Reason: They prevent drinks from spilling or tipping over while you're driving, ensuring safety and cleanliness within your vehicle. The original design being too big.

Get it Now 👉 https://teslayard.com/products/model-3-y-2021-2023-cup-holder-insert


Personalizing your Tesla with these top 10 accessories can transform your driving experience. From convenience to comfort, protection to aesthetics, each accessory serves a specific purpose. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or someone who appreciates the finer details, these Tesla accessories cater to various preferences. So, invest wisely and take your Tesla to the next level of customization and enjoyment. Your electric journey has never been this stylish, convenient, and comfortable.

What's your favourite accessory?  Please leave your comment.

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